Te Iwi o Ngātiwai

Manaia picNgātiwai is unified by its descent from one of the oldest lineages in Taitokerau, Ngāti Manaia.  

Unlike surrounding iwi, direct descent from Manaia has given Ngātiwai status on Northland's east coast since the beginning of human occupation. The occupation of Manaia established iwi status in the northern part of the Ngātiwai rohe.  Principally through the son of Manaia, Tahuhunuiorangi, manawhenua and manamoana of Ngātiwai on the coast from Whangarei to Whangaparaoa was established. At times this extended to Tamaki. After the time of Te Rangihokaia, himself a descendent of Manaia, a number of key marriages cemented the relationship between Ngātiwai and the Kawerau hapū of Ngāti Rehua and Ngāti Manuhiri. This ongoing relationship with Tainui is another unique feature of Ngātiwai amoung iwi in Taitokerau. Today, Ngātiwai claims manawhenua and manamoana from Rākaumangamanga to Mahurangi, across to Aotea, and returning to Rākaumangamanga by way of the many islands and waters of Te Moana-nui-a-Toi.




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  • Niho Taniwha

    Niho taniwha is found in the Ngātiwai rohe, on Aotea (Great Barrier Island, also known as Piki Paria) and Hauturu (LIttle Barrier).  These skinks are a very important taonga to Ngātiwai because they are endemic and unique to the Ngātiwai area.  These skinks are called niho taniwha because of the triangle shapes on their back, representing the teeth of the taniwha.

    Niho taniwha website pic

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  • Summary of Ngātiwai Trust Board meeting 28 August 2015

    Board summary header august

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  • Ngā Tau Miharo – The Incredible Years

    20150316 123906

    Ngātiwai Education Ngā Tau Miharo facilitators Cassie Munson and Leila Amos are underway on the first of a series of three programmes to be run this year. This programme is currently in week 5 of the 14 week programme at Whangarei Heads with a very enthusiastic group or parents taking part.

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  • Pātaia Mai - NgātiwaiNET

    The sale of NgātiwaiNET to Uber Group Ltd in April this year ensured this valuable service would continue and better service our communities.  It has however, raised questions that in this issue of Pātaia Mai we endeavour to answer.

    Pātaia Mai






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  • Next Generation of Ngātiwai Carvers Acknowledged


    Tohunga whakairo Te Warahi (Wallace) Hetaraka has graduated two of his Ngātiwai students Poai Niha and Te Kaurinui Parata.  As an acknowledgement of their journey he has presented them with the chisels they had used to carve with during their training.


    Poai Niha (left) and Te Kaurinui Parata (right) with tohunga whakairo Te Warahi Hetaraka


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